This is for leaders who want to transform their impact and build core strength in their leadership.

Perhaps you want to play a bigger game, have the conversations with your team that really make a difference, speak up and be heard in meetings or simply say yes to the project you don't know how to do or go for the promotion you're not sure you can get.

Whatever it is right now you're frustrated because you know you're in a comfort zone that's comfortably uncomfortable.

The good news is you've already got the courage to face your frustration. It's why you're here. Now it's about empowering you to move out of frustration into the learning zone.

I recommend 6 months of individual coaching to enable you to take charge and rediscover the core strength of your leadership. This allows the time needed to embed new behaviours, up-level the performance, and ultimately let go of bad habits that undermine engagement and peak performance.

The Coaching Journey:

(You are unique and the journey will be tailored to your needs)

Discovery & assessment

Defining skill, strengths, motivation, beliefs, behaviours and impact gaps. Clarifying your path: what you want and translating that into goals and measurable outcomes.

Leading self
Understanding and using your values and strengths to support decision making and action. Exploring your leadership effectiveness and impact on others. Conquering self limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviour. Embodying & creating confidence in your unique leadership presence. Creating more inner resourcefulness, mental toughness and personal resilience.  Getting your voice heard.

Leading others
Creating relationships based on agreements rather than assumptions or expectations. Identifying your stress reactions and creating strategies to avoid burnout and boost vitality and productivity. Being with conflict.

Empowering results
Focusing on helping things go right, reinforcing positive behaviours. Developing laser focus on core issues and opportunities. Turning around performance, creating ownership, engagement and commitment in others.
This programs includes:

  • Strengths assessment and leader impact 360 assessments (optional)
  • One day intensive
  • 2 x 60 minute coaching calls per month
  • Unlimited email access

The Coaching Programme works because it goes beyond theory and conceptualising. We explore who you're being as a leader and how you show up first. We don't shy away from the tough conversations and help you see equally your blindspots and brilliance. I will make you uncomfortable but I'll do it because I know you can create the change you really desire.

For a complimentary consultation, get in touch now and I'll send you the details