I work with leaders to help them engage their people in real conversations about peak performance.

More than ever leaders need to be able to get under the skin of performance and communicate with directness and heart.  They need to know how to manage their emotions and build cultures of possibility, ownership and commitment. Whilst these “soft” conversations may seem deceptively easy, research tells us there are three reasons people experience frustration: thwarted intention, unfulfilled expectations or undelivered communications.

Creating extraordinary discretionary effort starts with leaders who engage hearts and minds.  This programme has been developed to enable leaders to have these real conversations without being reliant on prescriptive models and process. We show you how to turnaround performance, handle tricky people and complexity and create ownership and engagement. It’s hands on, pragmatic and refreshingly honest.

During the training you’ll learn how to …

  • Create trust and get beyond self protecting and avoidance behaviours
  • Clear assumptions to establish clear, direct and complete communication
  • Develop empathy to prevent conflict arising from misunderstanding
  • Manage and rewire your brain’s own survival mode and self sabotage
  • Handle indirect passive aggressive communication that leads to conflict and resentment
  • Stay out of emotional reactions and drama that drive negative behaviour patterns
  • Inspire resourcefulness in others so that they define their own solutions
  • Turnaround performance, increase productivity and create ownership
  • Stay out of burnout and create vitality, connection and collaboration

How we work:

We're flexible on how we deliver the content because we know that to transfer learning the programme needs to fit your natural rhythms.  It can be done over full days or in bite sized chunks.  We bespoke to fit your needs and provide laser focused, results orientated booster coaching to ensure continuity in the transfer of learning.

We'd love to talk about your business priorities and how we can help you to get under the skin of your potential.